• Capture


    Dematerialize your documents from scanners, printers, printing flows, e-mails, fax machines, Web services or directories. Classify, separate and extract data from all kinds of documents. Transfer documents and indexes to one or many business process repositories. Integrate mobility with capture services as well as content extraction and validation from a smartphone or a tablet. Capture is more than ever a vital component of digital transformation


  • ECM


    Centralize all your enterprise documents and find the right document at the right moment. Store, classify, share all types of dematerialized documents from any provenance. Facilitate cooperation using collaborative spaces, versioning, annotations or business interfaces. Ensure the safety of a document collection in terms of access and conservation. Integrate mobility with access and consultation from a smartphone or a tablet.


  • Workflow


    Optimize a process, classify resources and share information. Optimize case processing, ensure the collection of relevant data, and the creation of relevant tasks. Gather all exchanges, media, e-mails, voice records... Ensure complete traceability of a process. Integrate mobility with task validation from a smartphone or a tablet.


  • Archiving


    Archive dematerialized documents to easily store them and retrieve them. Manage lifecycles in full conformity with legal conservation duration and/or removal deadline. Protect information, ensure its sustainability and guarantee its relevant restitution. Implement an archiving system with legal or probative value to move beyond physical archiving.


Our Technical Expertise

As a recognized specialist, Arondor gives a great deal of importance to quality relationships. Successful projects are guaranteed by our employees’ professionalism, our managers’ operational involvement, along with their specialization and seniority. Arondor is able to manage projects with direct customers, and is also able to subcontract its expertise to other IT-services providers, editors and market operators. This allows Arondor to contribute as a specialist to complex service propositions. Arondor provides solutions based on internationally recognized technologies and on our teams’ experience. From implementation to maintenance, we provide all the services required to efficiently carry out an ECM project and maintain an ECM solution.

Coeur Metier Arondor

Our turnkey-business expertise

Banking & Insurance's Sector
Real-estate-folders processing, Automatic processing of TDS / OA, IARD-contracts processing, Taxes Automatic processing

Real-estate's Sector
Housing-stocks processing, Convening-notices-and-reports's flows processing

Public Sector
Providers-invoices processing, Flagged-mails processing, Patients-folders, Dematerialisation

Transverse solutions
Consultation's ECM solution, Incoming-and-outgoing-mails processing, Providers-invoices processing, Subscriptions-and-subscriptions-renewals processing, Pay-slips-and-employment-contracts archiving

Alfresco Business Document Docusign EMC Ephesoft IBM Kofax Readsoft Formtek

We are Solutions' Integrator

We gather all the components and the technical competences which allow to ensure the design, the implementing and the operation of a whole solution.
The Editor/Integrator's function of Arondor implicates a customer's support and a service's quality before, during and after the project's implementation. That is why our teams support the customers using an quality-oriented complete methodology.