Arondor's Founders

Arondor, company created by experts in document management, offers a range of services and solutions to meet all needs in the field. Departmental solutions to large projects, from SMEs to major groups, Arondor adapts its proposals by building solutions with recognized software packages.
We manage the entire life cycle of your documents. Capture of which integrates a company's information flow in the GED. A GED is a customized tool that document management. Until Archiving that solves the document retention requirements.

Alain leBras

Alain le BRAS – CEO

Since 25 years, Alain has accompanied his customers in the advice, the business-process automatisation and the ECM-solutions integration. As a co-founder of the company, he has been committed since 13 years in the strategic and operational taking over of Arondor. He participated in the realisation of many international projects for Major companies, in several activities sectors. His ECM/BPM-products (as IBM/FileNet) competence and his knowledge give him a position of an inescapable expert of the market.


Ozkan Kural


Özkan is one of the three Arondor's founders, possessing a 15-years experience in the ECM's field. In 2002, he naturally took over the Technical Direction, while continuing to intervene in customers projects. Nowadays, he manages a 6-centres-managers team that he follows the good performance while ensuring the respect of Arondor's values which are the quality, the commitments fulfilling and the human relations. He intervenes in all the project's steps in order to guarantee that the result is the best possible. He daily interacts with the technical and commercial teams.


Frederic Cailler

Frederic CAILLER – CFO

Frédéric is one of the three Arondor's founders. Since the company's creation in 2002, he has occupied the position of Administrative and Commercial Manager, until 2012. Since then, Frédéric is the Arondor's Administrative and Financial Director. He manages a motivated and dynamic team who supports him in his daily tasks. From the management to the General Services, passing by the Human Resources Administration and the legal tasks, Frédéric continues to gladly contribute to some commercial cases.


Our Managers

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the Arondor's development. By sharing our expertises, our methods and our practises. Every occasion is favourable to friendly exchanges. Everyday we work to improve us in order to continue to claim that it is a company where our employees trust their managers and appreciate their colleagues. Click on pictures to see more.

François Barre

François BARRE – R&D Center Manager

François has joined Arondor in 2007 as a ECM-specialised projects manager. He brought an innovative vision to the company and founded the R&D centre in 2010 with the ARender-Viewer creation. Possessing a strong ECM-and-development's experience, François intervenes in all the process steps : From the research of innovative solutions to their realisation and their production's launch, passing by their trading and their communication. Nowadays, François and his team are proud of the success met by the solutions designed and developed by the R&D centre. They are already focusing on the next revolutions : the Cloud, mobility and Big Data !


David Barton

David Barton – Business Developement USA

Dave Barton started assisting Arondor in May of 2014 with the goal of promoting ARender in the Americas. The success of ARender in Europe created an opportunity to expand Business Development on the other side of the Atlantic. Dave became responsible for Business Development – Americas. Dave helped position ARender4Documentum with EMC. Arondor’s activity with Alfresco also involves Dave with the corporate contacts in the USA and penetration of the American market. In addition to some ARender sales, Dave was involved in the sale of FAST2 and related professional services to the Bank of America for a major migration from FileNet in Canada to Documentum in the United States.


Rouzbeh Barumandzadeh

Rouzbeh BARUMANDZADEH – Alfresco Center Manager

Within an experience of 10 years in ECM, Rouzbeh accompanies clients for their digital transformation by consulting and ECM solutions implementing. His expertise covers all the documents lifecycle, from the dematerialization of documents, passing by their processing and the case management (workflows) for the business process integration. His activities are several: Projects management, solutions pre sale, consulting and participation to the implementation and also the ECM solutions change management. Rouzbeh is also the responsible of the Arondor’s Alfresco pole.


Sandrine Cadel

Sandrine CADEL – Presales Manager

In charge of the PreSales, Sandrine's mission is to bring value to the sales process. It is for that, to achieve the suitable qualifications opportunities for which Arondor will be able to produce innovative offerings to differentiating value. Sandrine ensures coordination between different teams Arondor, so that Commercial Projects or Research & Development. It guarantees to all its customers and partners optimal satisfaction of their needs at all stages of their process: first appointment to the implementation of their project.


Cliff Checkmodine

Cliff CHECKMODINE – Sales Manager

Cliff's mission is to define and set up the commercial policy in line with the company's strategy. It consists of promoting Arondor on the base of its competence as an Integrator and its solutions as an Editor. The Commercial Direction works daily in order to know and to meet the customers needs. This work is based on an organisation and an efficient partners network. The organization focuses on Commercial Manager, Business Developer and a Pre-Sales.


Maxime Cifrian

Maxime CIFRIAN – Business Developement France

After six years at Arondor, Maxime has held the positions of Large Business Account Manager and then Area Manager Bank / Insurance / Mutual. With this experience, Maxime now takes the position of Business Developer - Products and Solutions. His challenge now is to develop the domestic and international indirect channel for Products and Solutions Arondor He will be responsible for determining trade policy, future directions and animation partners. In addition, it will be involved in the commercial definition of new solutions and the evolution of existing together with the Arondor innovation cell.


Xavier Davila

Xavier DAVILA – Capture Center Manager

Xavier started his career in the Research&Development and the Océ Business Services / Canon Services. After an experience in the editors environement (KOFAX), he finally choose the ECM's solutions integration (OP&CS and then Arondor). Xavier has joined Arondor in 2014 in order to manage the Capture centre, by heading a team of consultants, projects managers and developers. The Arondor-Capture's team, which is recognised in the market, exercises its competences on the solutions of KOFAX (Kofax Capture, KTM, KTA …), IBM Datacap, ReadSoft (Xbound, Invoices), EMC Captiva, Chronoscan and Ephesoft, just to name the main-used softwares.


Olivier Hayot

Olivier HAYOT – FileNet Expert/General Manager

Olivier is an ECM's expert and especially in solutions as FileNet Panagon and P8. These competences are wide in the fields of databases, JAVA's apps design & development and Business-Intelligence's reports design and realisation. His determination, his dynamism and his important organisation ability permitted him to become the package-pole's General Manager.


Benoit Malgras

Benoit MALGRAS – Bordeaux Office Manager

Being in the ECM-and-FileNet-solutions environement since his career's begining in 1998, Benoit has joined Arondor since 2011 as Bordeaux-agency's manager. His experience in the editor FileNet permitted him to acquire strong technical competences of the whole solution. His international career brought him an open-minded understanding of our customers issues, such as the organisational, functional and technical cases. In the services activity since 17 years, he nowadays manages a 4-persons team in the South-West french region and ensures our customers guidance in the set up of their projects of ECM, audits, needs definition and data migration, in accordance with the listening-and-reactivity skills of Arondor.


Sophie Nouad

Sophie NOUAD – Hiring Manager

Since 2014, Sophie’s mission in the company is to contribute to the promotion, to enhance exchanges, to entertain the internal collective dynamic, to promote projects and to improve the recruiting strategy. She possesses a 9 years’ experience in the field of the IT recruiting and the strategy and goals defined by the Arondor’s General Direction. She is also responsible of the company’s communication. In this way, Sophie proposes and implements the communication strategy related to the Arondor’s “Technical & Commercial” orientations.


Mikael Rodney

Mikaël RODNEY – Orléans Services Center Manager

As the manager of the Orléans-Services Center, Mikael and his teams ensure to the customers the maintenance, the evolution and the availability of the several platforms that he oversees. Their competences and knowledges guarantee to our customers a service continuity which permits them to focus on their business. Besides his-customers support Mikael ensures the Arondor-solutions customer's support.


Valeurs Arondor

Our Values

Our success and our actions are part of a collective approach. Built on two fundamental principles, technological expertise and control of the conduct of project mode operations Arondor stands out for its ability to engage with customers over time. We seek a performance that is not only economic but also human. This results in the implementation of practices based on ethical values and HR policy to align personal desires and the company's projects.

Draft Arondor

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